The biggest projects

Mission Space

Grigua, the handmade astronauts' shoes

A shoe created for canyoning, since 2011 this shoe is used by ESA, NASA’s European Space Agency. Astronauts around the world wear it for training in the deepest cavities of the earth.


Shoes for rescuers across Italy.

We have been handcrafting shoes for helicopter rescue, mountain rescue, 118 for many years.
A nationwide collaboration.

Astronauts' shoes are made in Bosco

The paradox of the Vinco brothers is to have made a shoe to stay firmly tethered to the earth and find that it works so well that it is adopted by astronauts, who keep their feet far above the clouds.

Students design shoes for astronauts

They try again with their usual determination: classes change, but the spirit of the Roveré seventh- and eighth-grade students belonging to the My ColLego team is still to not give up until the end.

Verona schools fly to First Lego League

The 7 girls and 3 boys from My ColLego, the Roverè Middle School team, were selected at the final two in Northeast Reggio Emilia to participate in the national final that will choose the winner of the First Lego League 2019 robotics competition.

Gaibana shoe factory for health care workers

A year’s worth of study, observation, and testing of the dynamic stress to which the foot is subjected in various postures, including those adopted in hovering situations and on different types of terrain, to ensure safety and comfort.

CAVEs 2016

The astronauts' training shoe

Scenes from the training of six astronauts who will spend six nights underground in a cave in Sardinia, Italy. After a week of training, the astronauts descend into the caves to set up base camp at 800 m depth.

This year’s participants are an even more international team than ever before, including Pedro Duque of ESA, Jessica Meir and Richard Arnold of NASA, Japanese astronaut Aki Hoshide, Chinese Ye Guangfu and Russian Sergei Korsakov.

A space shoe

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