100 years of experience

For three Generations in Bosco Chiesanuova, the Vinco Family has had a Passion for Leather Leather and handcrafted shoes.

Early 1900's

It all began in the early 1900s when Grandfather Angelo, with his shoemaker’s stall, made exclusively by hand, shoes for everyone, from bridal shoes for the young women of Bosco, to boots for those who worked in the village (Bosco Chiesanuova is located at an altitude of 1106 meters) and in the high mountains, in the woods or in the alpine pastures.



Quality first

For these mountain people who traveled mainly on foot, shoes had to be sturdy and of safe quality, because back then the mountain with its harshness was everyday living. At that time the territory of Bosco was still a border area between Italy and Austria (Trentino was Austrian) a border area, so also of smugglers, of trespassing at night and in all weathers, even today you can find stelae commemorating people who disappeared in blizzards, while high in the mountains you can see the boundary stones and what remains of the finance barracks and trenches of World War I. Everything was related to the rhythms of the time, walking gave rhythm to life, manual dexterity
at work.

Brothers united in a shared mission
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Before starting the completely manual processing of a pair of shoes, one had to
take the “customer’s” foot measurement, and you would go directly to his home. Curious was
payment system as well, shoes or boots were paid for when at the end of the season the “herdsmen” had sold their products, butter and cheese made in the summer in the alpine pastures.
At Grandpa Angelo’s school as early as 9 years old, Papa Vincenzo began to breathe the scent of
leather and leather. Still young, he already had a thousand ideas in his head, and it was because of him that he passed
From the cobbler’s table to the artisan company. He thus began to focus his efforts on the
Increasingly technical mountain shoes. As the demand is also increasing from
outside the province and region, in 1953 Vincenzo wanted to make his
creations and their quality. It needed a brand to identify its origin. He chose the
GAIBANA name (for some toponymy scholars, the term means: path of the
chamois). Name of a mountain on the Lessini plateau, where it rises completely
renewed, the most famous ski resort in the Verona area.
Here, on clear days, the gaze can sweep 360 degrees from the Dolomites to the plains
padana and if you close your eyes and breathe deeply you feel like you are in another dimension.

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We are always scrupulous in the selection of each material and to the combination between elements that make up the footwear. Comfort, durability and safety are most important for technical and work footwear.